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Internal lubricant G60

G60 internal lubricant is also one of those products that not everyone is familiar with, and it is necessary to be active in this field to be able to have information about it. In this way, if you work in this field, we can give you the following information about this lubricant

Appearance and main characteristics of g60 lubricant

This lubricant, which is sometimes identified by its English name (Lubricant), is a white powder that has a shelf life of 12 months. Of course, it can be used after this time has passed, but the important thing is that we have stated that the useful life is this amount and it can be used even after this period has passed.
This product is in the category of non-toxic products, but it cannot be eaten in any way, and in fact it is a non-edible product. It is necessary to remove the above product from direct sunlight and store it in a cool and ventilated place.
It is also necessary to store it in a place that is away from moisture and wet and rainy environments so that there is no quality problem for this type of product. We can consider its most important feature as being used in all production fields related to the PVC industry

Advantages of using g60 internal lubricant

According to the features we mentioned for this product, many advantages can be imagined for it, which include:

It speeds up the melting process
Increases production speed
In the field of additives, it makes them play better

The melt viscosity also decreases
The quality of the cooking process will also improve
The amount of stabilizer used decreases
Also, the melting temperature and its process temperature will be significantly reduced
Using it creates a special shine
At the same time, the surface properties of the product also increase
The softening temperature will also decrease

This product, which is bought and sold in the market under the name g60 lubricant, is completely compatible with all types of PVC, and the above advantages are fully realized if it is used

PVC lubricants

We can count PVC lubricants in the category of the most important additives, and if they are not used, it is impossible to process PVC. We have two groups of stabilizers and lubricants, the first type or the stabilizers perform chemical reactions with PVC, while the lubricants have a physical function
Lubricants are also used to facilitate processing, which can be added to PVC in very small amounts. The question may be raised as to what purpose PVC lubricants are usually used and in the answer it is necessary to know that they are used due to the reduction of the adhesiveness of the molten polymer to the metal surfaces of the machines
It is a good quality lubricant that can dissolve to some extent in the PVC itself because if it is not, it will come to the surface at a high speed. If it is completely in solution form, it acts like a softener and in this way, it will affect the hardness of the desired final product

Internal lubricant G60

Properties of lubricants

Lubricants may also have some of the following properties and these properties can be one item or include several items and cover them

:These properties are
. They reduce viscosity.
. Available heat decreases.
. The existing friction will also decrease.
. Not sticking to metal is also one of the properties that can be imagined for lubricants
Due to the abundance of these materials in the market, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of each one, so that you can choose the best one and get a good price based on the right combination. In fact, you cannot easily use a product that is produced for use in other cases. It is necessary to choose a specific type of lubricant for each specific task and then use it according to the task you want to do

Internal lubricant G60

Internal lubricant is better or external lubricants

Maybe the question has arisen for you that it is better to use an internal lubricant or to use external types of it, it brings more favorable conditions? In fact, the use of the terms internal and external is only used to describe the type of performance of lubricants at each stage, and this term, which is constantly used, is not related to the lubricants themselves

The effect of the lubricant is very important in all stages and it is necessary to have the necessary quality. Most of the lubricants available in the market act in a completely different way at each stage of the process. In relation to internal and external performance, we can refer to the following

1In the external type, mixing of materials is delayed and can reduce the adhesion of molten materials to the surface of parts and the tank

2It will improve internal mixing and also reduce the viscosity of melt flow

Internal lubricant or external lubricant in PVC

The effectiveness of the lubricant changes significantly during operation. From the start of mixing, in which the heat production rate is important, until the time of the mixing process, in which resin granular particles are converted into molten flow. which is the most important issue in the next path of mixing in which the molten flow of collected resins. Internal and external lubricants are used to describe lubricants at each stage. Note that this term should not be applied to the lubricant itself because lubricants act differently at each stage of the process

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These terms are used to describe the performance of the lubricant at a specific stage of the process, and not all lubricants can be placed in the same category

In addition, the selection of an appropriate lubricant for each step of the process depends on the materials used, the operating conditions, and the final product. For this reason, in order to choose the best lubricant, it is necessary to acquire sufficient technical knowledge and operational experience in this field

In the mixing stage, the lubricant can have an important effect on the quality and final properties of the product. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right lubricant and determine its usage rate

The performance and characteristics of G-60 lubricant

Lubricant g60 has appearance characteristics such as white powder color, melting point of 60-65 degrees, volatility of 0.5% or less. The performance and characteristics of g60 lubricant include things such as suitability for PVC product production, excellent internal lubricant, no external odor, non-toxic, food packaging. From the uses of this lubricant, it can be said that it makes the product non-precipitating in the production of PVC products and will not be too harmful. It is suggested that you use 0.3% to 1% of this material to produce the product

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