Atrin Polymer

Process Aid

The purpose of this product is to increase production efficiency and mechanical properties, including improving impactability and using more mineral fillers (carbonate, talc, etc.), which leads to maintaining the quality of the final product and reducing the final price. Stay with us to read more.

Impact modifier

Impact modifiers are added to many PVC compounds to increase the strength and impact resistance of the final products. So far, different groups of impact modifiers have been developed for different applications, and these additives increase the impact resistance of PVC products by different mechanisms.


• Door and window profiles
• Pipes and fittings
• Wall covering
• Tape edges
• Pvc granule


> Improve impact properties
> Improved melt strength
> Excellent weather resistance and good processability
> Good thermal resistance
> Uniform surface at high extrusion speeds
> Bleaching resistance
> Good color stability